space technology for social and environmental impact

S P A C E 4 G O O D

Earth observation, geographic information systems and big data analysis for meaningful geospatial insights. 

Space4Good and World Bank assessed impacts of COVID-19 using Big Data from Space | Learn More


GIS Mapping

We perform geo-data transformations, spatial analyses and data visualizations on map layouts using Geographic Information Systems.

Remote Sensing

We collect, process and analyze earth observation data to monitor environmental or anthropogenic events and phenomena.



We create geo-data models to understand how spatial dynamics influence the behavior of different variables.



We develop reports and assessments on a variety of topics such as tree health, carbon offsetting, and environmental pollution.



We develop front and back-end platforms and geo-portals for interactive mapping applications including crowdsourcing.


Innovation &


We created the Mothership Coder Missions, where data experts contribute 

to vulnerable landscapes and the UN SDGs.

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Space4Good is our name and driving force: leveraging space technology to support impactful, inspirational projects and change-makers around the world.  While our tools are in space, we take pride in contributing to global change on Earth. 

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For us, the interplay between talent, motivation, partnerships, open innovation and technology is the key to success. It has the potential to disrupt established systems and replace them with systemic, sustainable solutions.

clients & partners

clients & partners

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1 Ton of Carbon ≠ 1 Ton of Carbon

Giving meaning back to carbon offsets through remote sensing

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Technology and Peacebuilding

June 16, 2021




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