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Ethical Business

  • Space4Good applies geospatial solutions for a better world. In order to catalyze positive social and environmental change on a global scale, we strive to work with everyone--as long as they pass our ethical code--and be dependent on no single actor or group of actors. We stand for justice, diversity, respect, and open exchange of ideas and thoughts.

  • We are aware that working with developing nations, international organizations, and companies, brings its share of ethical dilemmas. In each case, we do a thorough review of the project, impact, partner, and people (in a structured internal process).

  • We choose to base our decisions on the ethical behavior of the people we work with, not the cultural, social, legal, or political context they work in.

  • Additionally, we treat people the way we want them to treat us--with respect, openness, trust, and care. Only in this way, we can live up to our values of Collaboration, Impact, and Passion.

  • Although we are always open to new views, we don't let anyone determine our ethics for us. Our goal is to inspire others to help realize a better world, based on being morally upstanding, leading by example, and showing positive impact.

  • In case you feel that we are not living up to this code, please contact our CEO Alex at and we will follow up with you.

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