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We are a team of impact-driven data scientists, remote sensing & GIS experts, software developers as well as environmental and urban planners using our unique skills and experience for social and environmental impact. Starting our journey in the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Incubation Center in The Netherlands, Space4Good B.V. was launched in 2017 and became a certified Benefit Corporation (B.Corp). Now based in The Hague, the city of Peace and Justice, we work around the world and collaborate with NGOs, universities, public authorities, multinationals and other social enterprises to change the status quo for a  better planet and society. 

Space4Good is driven by our core values: innovation, partner focus, teamwork and our commitment to sustainability contributing to vulnerable landscapes and each of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. We are proud members of The Humanity Hub and Impact Hub whose network and facilities help us in achieving our vision!


EO Data Scientist

Driven by conservation, forestry and sustainable impact, working on applying data from space to improve life on earth.


RS and Spatial Modeling Expert

A motivated soul striving for technological excellence in Earth Observation and providing sustainable solutions that address food security.


GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist and Designer

Always ready to embark on innovative journeys, working with space data for impact on earth.


GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist

Passionate to work on projects related to nature and wildlife conservation and supporting all initiatives that contribute to a positive social impact.


Managing Director and Founder

Impact-driven entrepreneur using technology for social and environmental good.


Environmental & Business Strategist

Nature conservation and sustainable development enthusiast dedicating skills in communications & environmental spatial planning to maximize impacts for good.


Earth Observation Application Developer

Telling the stories of the Earth and its inhabitants (flora and fauna) backed up by quantifiable remote sensing data insights.


GIS Specialist & Open Innovation Manager

A hackathon lover who organizes tech communities to develop solutions using AI and satellite technologies in support of the environment.


Remote Sensing Data Analyst

Environmental passionate, who loves to use space technologies to create a more sustainable planet.


Full Stack Developer

Committed to the power of computer science and software development for good, now working on combating immense challenges with life cycle analyses and GIS.


Product Owner

Your friendly interface between external partner needs and internal technical excellence. Excited to collaborate on new solutions with real impact.

board members


Aurélie Shapiro


Independent consultant with 20 years of experience in satellite and airborne remote sensing in the field of biodiversity conservation and wildlife with a special interest in seascapes. Aurélie is completing her PhD in geography at Humboldt Universität-Zu-Berlin and holds a Master's in Environmental Management from Duke University, and formerly was a senior remote sensing specialist for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).


Raphaël Felenbok


Independent advisor and board member, working along AgriFood value chains from commodity sourcing to specialty selling. He engages in high-impact projects enabled by Sustainability and Technology. His client portfolio includes Bain & Company, Food Manufacturers, Financial Institutions and startups. Raphaël is former Managing Director at Barry Callebaut - global B2B cocoa & chocolate leader - and holds an AgriFood Engineering Master from ISARA as well as an MBA from INSEAD.


Microsoft France Environmental
Start-up Accelerator program

We believe that working for good starts with our community. Interested to contribute and join the ranks of Space4Gooders? Reach out with your ideas.