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Painting a picture of the Space4Good Culture

Much of what is good at Space4Good, is the people in our team. We do our best to make this group of highly talented people enjoy what they do and do it well. Of course, this requires creating the right professional environment for people to perform, but more importantly, it requires a focus on the social and people-centric side of work.

In late April we organized our quarterly team-building moment, which we always like to do as off-site company outings.  The purpose of this day was to connect as colleagues, welcome new team members, and create a fun, creative, and open environment for the team to share and get to know each other better. Below, we want to give you a look at what it's like inside the S4G team.

Figure 1. Space4Good Badge-Q2 Uitje April 2024

Happy little accidents

Our amazing Party Planning Committee found a Bob Ross Painting Workshop at Het Groene Paleis in Amsterdam! Dressed in orange overalls and curly wigs, the team got to explore their artistic side through Bob Ross' painting techniques. It was a moment to experience colleagues outside work and in a space where creativity flowed freely. Most importantly, the course focused on a core element in our culture; recognizing potential mistakes as opportunities to improve. Or, as the great Bob Ross put it, "there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents."

Figure 2. Bob Ross Painting Workshop

A team day would not be a company team day without some reflection and introspection. In the context of the Systems Theory, facilitated expertly by one of S4G's senior software developers, the team shared a moment of openness and vulnerability, which created space to look to the future of S4G and how to build something great together.

And of course, a day like this would only be complete with a proper conclusion; a jury vote on the best Bob Ross painting, supported by pizza, beer, wine, and good conversation. Team building, the Space4Good way. 

Figure 3.  Space4Good team at the uitje aftermath

The Space4Good Way

At Space4Good, we pride ourselves on professionalism and excellence, whilst we also recognize the importance of work-life balance. Quarterly team outings and monthly birthday celebrations are intentional pauses in our weekly sprint rhythm, that serve as boosters to our friendly culture. These activities, along with our emphasis on interpersonal skills, help us become a better-functioning team as we grow. Our genuine commitment to our employees, along with promoting a diverse and equal team, are some of the key elements that set us apart in the industry. Join us to be part of a dynamic, inclusive and forward-thinking team!

Would you like more information or are you interested in working at with Space4Good? Visit our website for more info or to get in touch.

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