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Rounding Back to the Future

Space4Good’s monitoring and evaluation process for company developments

Space4Good is mostly known for its external initiatives, like our projects, services and R&D activities. But in this post, we're focusing on our internal "Rounding Back" sessions. These sessions are where we discuss achievements, current issues, plan for the future, and bond as a team. We would like to share the format, which we refined over several years, with you but of course also ask for for feedback and suggestions. If you are interested in a more extensive version of this post, let us know and we can share it with you!

Frequency and Preparation:

We hold our Rounding Backs bi-annually. This interval suits our need to discuss recent, yet aggregated, information. We recommend at least a week's prep, involving brainstorming and logistical preparations.

Scope, Place & Duration:

The sessions encompass reviews of the past, present, and future, covering clients, partners, and team dynamics. Previously, they were presentation-heavy, but now they're more interactive including team-building exercises. The shift transformed these from mere management presentations to interactive, co-creative sequences, expanding from 3 hours to full-day sessions.

Initially, due to COVID, we held virtual Rounding Backs. But in 2022, we moved to physical sessions. While online tools served us well, in-person meetings have been more impactful in our experience.

Agenda and Content:

The agenda blends content delivery, discussion, team-building, and breaks. Key segments include:

  • Check-in: A mindfulness exercise where members reflect on their current state of mental and physical well-being with the help of random items they associate with. This encourages openness and ensures active engagement for the day.

  • Teamwork activity: We focus on soft skill development, like "deep listening". It enhances empathy, crucial for both internal and client interactions.

  • Company Performance Review: We discuss the company's progress over the last six months. While leaders present their sections, an interactive collage session allows everyone to share their highlights.

  • Progress Report: This is where we track action items set during previous Rounding Backs and re-prioritise if needed.

  • Company Strategy: Here we realign our team to Space4Good's overall vision while setting granular strategies and plans for business, technology, HR, organisation etc.

  • Team Exercises: These are collaborative problem-solving segments. Our last session had us envisioning Space4Good in 2028, fostering both creativity and actionable insights.

  • Closing & Follow-up: Despite the long day, energy usually remains high! We reflect, set next steps, and relax with snacks, drinks and music. The key is follow-up. We've started quantifying goals for better feedback and clarity and created questionnaires to improve the overall rounding back session and results.

Final thoughts

Similar to the technical innovations Space4Good is known for, we as a company also have to innovate internally. Rounding Back became a very important aspect of this innovation cycle helping us to understand, reflect, discuss, and co-create together. We are trying to find ways on how we can openly share our work with the wider geospatial and impact community and hope that this blog post is contributing to it from a slightly different angle than usual!

Would you like more information or are you interested in collaborating with Space4Good? Visit our website or contact us via

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